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Monday, July 8, 2013

NINJA-IDE 2.3 RELEASED - Restore your settings

NINJA-IDE 2.3 has been released!!!
We have made lot of improves and this release was intended to make available some of the new fixes and improves (and some really small features) that we have made in order to prepare our code to be merge with the new architecture of NINJA-IDE :D
We have been working in a really AWESOME architecture that will make NINJA-IDE really solid and easy to code, and also really easy for new comers to figure it out how the code work and start adding things.

Restore your Settings

With this new version we have made some improves in how the NINJA-IDE settings are stored in your machine, this change was trivial for Linux systems, because they were already working in this way, but important for Mac OS and Windows where the settings were stored in the default Qt way, and this was confusing for some users.
From this moment, all the NINJA-IDE settings in every platform are stored in a .INI file in the same folder where the plugins, themes and schemes of NINJA-IDE are downloaded ("[HOME]/.ninja_ide", being [HOME] what each OS understand for that).
The things is: For NINJA-IDE the Settings are not longer in the same place, so you may notice that you no longer have your IDE properly configured (or your projects remembered) when you open NINJA-IDE (sorry, my bad).

DON'T WORRY!! Nothing is lost!!
If you are on linux, there is an easy way to retrieve your settings.
With NINJA-IDE closed, execute the following command in a terminal:

$ cp ~/.config/NINJA-IDE/NINJA-IDE.conf ~/.ninja_ide/settings.ini

If you are on Windows or Mac OS, this is not an easy task, but we will release a simple script tomorrow to do the job!

Hope you enjoy this new version, and be prepare, because we have a lot of awesome things coming!!

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