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Monday, August 12, 2013

TvStalker Client for Ubuntu (Desktop and Mobile)

I've playing these last days with a QML Application that i'm doing for the Ubuntu App Showdown Contest, the idea is to do an application where you can track all your Tv Shows, find out when a new episode is released, check out the airdates calendar of each Tv Show, discover new recommended shows, share tv shows with your friends, and get recommendations from them, and a lot of cool stuff!!
I've a semi-working web backend for this, and i've been moving forward with the UI for the desktop/mobile client.

Now the UI/UX is "complete" (at least i decide to change anything), this is a video of how it looks like:

Now it's time to keep working in the backend!!! (I've 2 more apps to implement for the contest after this one :D)

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