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Monday, May 11, 2015

Into The Light DEMO is here!!

After a couple of months of hard work, I'm finally able to release a DEMO for "Into The Light", an indie game I'm developing and I plan to publish around August! :D

Explore a Sci-Fi world full of puzzles

Wake up into a strange world, everything around you is completely dark, looks like an empty place, but, is it really?
Travel around this world, exploring a series of mazes, avoiding the dangers the mazes have, while you try to solve the different puzzles using a diverse sets of mechanics that your flare (the only resource you have) provides you.

“Into The Light”, is an upcoming indie game for PC, Mac and Linux. The worlds are full of mystery and suspense, with only an anonymous entity that speak to you from an unidentified place. Those questions and messages from that strange voice are the only clues you have about why are you in this place, and even more, who you really are.

What is this thing that the voice keeps asking about? Why is it so important for you to remember?

Into The Light, tries to take the player into a journey of wondering, letting the player discover the meaning and importance behind the words of this strange voice.

Would you be able to find your way out?

Try it out: Download "Into The Light" DEMO!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Development Journal: Week 12

I have forgotten about this for a while, but I was crazy busy doing the release of "MagneBot" and then I got really excited working on "Into The Light"!

This week was awesome for "Into The Light", I had the script and lots of notes about what I wanted to do with this game, but there were just that: "ideas". Now I'm starting to put the pieces together and make the game a reality.

Here are some videos of the progress for this week:

Also, I have finally created the website for "Mind Echoes"!!
So, it was a really productive week, I learned a lot about lots of stuff and mostly I was able to finish with the mechanics for the player and the flare (probably some improves will be done in the future, but everything working smoothly for now).

Now it's time to start building some levels :D

Friday, March 13, 2015

MagneBot Released!

Finally!! MagneBot is here!!

My first steps in Indie Game development :D

It's a really simple game (simple as in simplicity), but difficult to play to test your reaction skills!

You can get it from:

"Join MagneBot on this crazy surfing experience through the space station!

What is at the end of the tunnel in this space station?
No one knows, but you can be sure that MagneBot is going to try to find out!!

Help MagneBot collect as much power as you can, but be careful, nothing is as easy as it looks.
Also... Why is MagneBot in his underwear? Dude, get some pants!"

Monday, March 2, 2015

What I have played in February 2015

Games I have played during February:
All 3 of them were excelent!!

Life is Strange - Episode 1

The Stanley Parable

The Last of Us: Left Behind

Monday, February 16, 2015

Development Journal: Week 7

I'm publishing this a little bit late (I was supposed to do it on Saturday), but I attended an event that was an all-day series of concerts, so... that.

This past week I've been working a lot trying to finish "MagneBot", and IT'S ALMOST DONE!! I'm really happy about it, and it's great what you can do when you have the proper tool (Unity3D).

This was the first prototype:

And this is the current state of the game:

This week I need to finish with Facebook integration (for Scores, so you can compare your scores with your friends and other people playing the game).

The other thing I've been working on is "Into The Light", I've finished the story and script of the game, and I've made several improves to the game mechanics. I REALLY like where this game is going!

As soon as I fully finish with "MagneBot", I'll start working FULLTIME on this game to have it finished as soon as possible.
I'm very proud about the story behind the game, and with the mechanics I think is going to be really a fun and exciting game to play! Let's see if the rest of the people think the same once it is released :P

And I'll need to take some time this week to finally create the "Mind Echoes" (My Studio (???), well the name under which I'll be releasing all my games) webpage. Not as fun as being coding these games, but necessary!

More updates next saturday!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Development Journal: Week 6

Here am I with my weekly report. I've decided to write at the end of each week the tasks I have accomplished to keep track of what I'm doing, and why not, also motivate myself to get more things done.

I have been working in a simple game for Android/iOS called "MagneBot" for a while now, I was using V-Play Game Engine because when I decided to start with this game, V-Play seems easy and familiar to me. V-Play lets you code your games using QML (which was something I was REALLY familiar at that moment) and a Box2D plugin for the psychics, so far so good, making the first prototype was really easy and fast, which is really good if you are just starting with game development.

Believe me, right now it looks NOTHING like that, well, don't expect awesome 3D graphics or anything like that either, the game it's the same, but we don't have just boxes now :P

This is MagneBot
(My first attempt to create a Character with Blender, be patient)

The problem with V-Play started when following the documentation and checking with what other games really similar to mine did, I started to have some bugs with the sprites animation in different screen resolution (which is important if you want your game running on different devices) that seems that they were related to something I needed to do (play with the size of the character constantly) for the game mechanics. My thoughts were: ok, no problem, i can find some workaround to this... BUT then I realized that to be able to show adds in my game, I need to use the V-Play plugin for that (which I'm paying with the license of the engine I bought, max subscription time 1 year)... ok, I have access to that plugin, BUT (again) when my license expires in a couple of month I will be force to renew it or the plugin for monetize your app will stop working... that wasn't fun, specially since I have been working with Unity3D these past months, and Unity3D is incredible!!! AND it lets you use plugins for monetization for free... so taking into consideration all the limitations I was having, I decided to migrate the game (which was almost done) to Unity3D. So, I have been working in the migration of this game to Unity3D this week, so far everything is great!

And THE OTHER IMPORTANT THING I've been developing this week was a new game (the idea came to me on wednesday) called "Into The Light". I'm really excited about this game! The idea is to finish both games for mid-March (NO MORE DELAYS) because I want to submit "Into The Light" for a contest.
With "Into The Light", considering that there isn't much time, the idea was to try to use the Asset Store and things with public license as much as possible. I'm really happy about how things are moving forward with this, and I think the mechanics for this game is going to be really enjoyable. Maybe next week I'm going to be able to show some video or something about the game, for now I just leave you with this image:

That's pretty much all for this week, let's see what we have for next week.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mencion Especial de Juegos

Este año 2015 me decidi a publicar un Post cada mes con los libros y juegos que haya terminado cada mes (espero también encontrar otros motivos interesantes para publicar posts sobre otras cosas y revivir el blog), PERO como recien estoy empezando con esto este año, queria hacer una "mención especial" a 2 juegos que jugué en Diciembre del 2014 y que no queria dejar pasar.

No voy a entrar en detalle de cada uno, ambos juegos son EXCELENTES, y si bien parecen simples al mirarlos de pasada, el trabajo del arte, la mecanica y LA HISTORIA de cada uno hacen que sean geniales!!

Los juegos son:


Thomas Was Alone

Libros de Enero 2015

Acá va mi lista de los Libros que termine en Enero del 2015.

The Martian

Definitivamente uno de los mejores libros que he leido en mi vida, fue leerlo de corrido hasta terminarlo practicamente, la historia y la forma en que esta narrado es genial.
Cuando lo termine quise inmediatamente ir a buscar otro libro del autor, pero resulta que esta fue su novela debut, y por ahora no tiene otros escritos.
Según IMDB, este año saldría la pelicula sobre este libro, vamos a ver que resulta de eso.

 Dos Metros Bajo Tierra

Esta es una novela, la primera de una saga, que esta escribiendo mi hermano, en algún momento saldrá publicada y ahí habra mas detalles :P

Bovedas de Acero

Este libro ya lo habia leido hace unos años, pero estoy actualmente releyendo toda la Saga devuelta, porque de los 15 libros que conforman la saga solo leí 7. Queria tener la saga completa en libros impresos, y despues de mucho tiempo de tratar de conseguir los libros que me faltaban, ahora es momento de leerla de principio a fin en el orden recomendado por Asimov (no el orden cronológico de publicación).

La saga esta compuesta por:
  • Yo, Robot
  • Bóvedas de acero
  • El sol desnudo
  • Los robots del amanecer
  • Robots e Imperio
  • En la arena estelar
  • Las corrientes del espacio
  • Un guijarro en el cielo
  • Preludio a la Fundación
  • Hacia la Fundación
  • Fundación
  • Fundación e Imperio
  • Segunda Fundación
  • Los límites de la Fundación
  • Fundación y Tierra

Juegos de Enero 2015

Acá va mi lista de los Juegos que termine en Enero del 2015

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Muy buen juego, me engancho bastante la historia y lo jugue casi de forma continua hasta terminarlo.


Otro excelente juego, Limbo es del tipo de juegos de plataforma/puzzles que me gustan y atrapa mucho mas que cualquier otro, el juego me parecio muy bueno, el final por ahi hubiera esperado mas, pero genial juego de todas formas.

Monument Valley

Enero parece haber sido un buen mes, porque tambien tengo comentarios positivos para este. Monument Valley es EL MEJOR juego para plataformas moviles que he jugado, pero por lejos, no pude parar de jugarlo hasta que lo termine (y apenas lo termine segui jugando la expansion "Forgotten Shores"), fue como tener un juego donde realmente te sentis comodo jugandolo en una tablet y no cae en las limitaciones o mecanicas repetitivas de tantos otros juegos. La unica contra es que es bastante corto, pero vale la pena.