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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Development Journal: Week 6

Here am I with my weekly report. I've decided to write at the end of each week the tasks I have accomplished to keep track of what I'm doing, and why not, also motivate myself to get more things done.

I have been working in a simple game for Android/iOS called "MagneBot" for a while now, I was using V-Play Game Engine because when I decided to start with this game, V-Play seems easy and familiar to me. V-Play lets you code your games using QML (which was something I was REALLY familiar at that moment) and a Box2D plugin for the psychics, so far so good, making the first prototype was really easy and fast, which is really good if you are just starting with game development.

Believe me, right now it looks NOTHING like that, well, don't expect awesome 3D graphics or anything like that either, the game it's the same, but we don't have just boxes now :P

This is MagneBot
(My first attempt to create a Character with Blender, be patient)

The problem with V-Play started when following the documentation and checking with what other games really similar to mine did, I started to have some bugs with the sprites animation in different screen resolution (which is important if you want your game running on different devices) that seems that they were related to something I needed to do (play with the size of the character constantly) for the game mechanics. My thoughts were: ok, no problem, i can find some workaround to this... BUT then I realized that to be able to show adds in my game, I need to use the V-Play plugin for that (which I'm paying with the license of the engine I bought, max subscription time 1 year)... ok, I have access to that plugin, BUT (again) when my license expires in a couple of month I will be force to renew it or the plugin for monetize your app will stop working... that wasn't fun, specially since I have been working with Unity3D these past months, and Unity3D is incredible!!! AND it lets you use plugins for monetization for free... so taking into consideration all the limitations I was having, I decided to migrate the game (which was almost done) to Unity3D. So, I have been working in the migration of this game to Unity3D this week, so far everything is great!

And THE OTHER IMPORTANT THING I've been developing this week was a new game (the idea came to me on wednesday) called "Into The Light". I'm really excited about this game! The idea is to finish both games for mid-March (NO MORE DELAYS) because I want to submit "Into The Light" for a contest.
With "Into The Light", considering that there isn't much time, the idea was to try to use the Asset Store and things with public license as much as possible. I'm really happy about how things are moving forward with this, and I think the mechanics for this game is going to be really enjoyable. Maybe next week I'm going to be able to show some video or something about the game, for now I just leave you with this image:

That's pretty much all for this week, let's see what we have for next week.


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